Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SPICE client for Android in Google Play? Look no further than aSPICE, the first and only one to have landed in Google Play!

To anybody who chances upon this blog entry, I wanted to announce the first Android SPICE client in Google Play called aSPICE and available here:


It is sure to have some defects at the beginning, so please send your constructive comments through the Send Email link in Google Play.

Also, please excuse the higher price, but there was a steep learning curve and a large investment of time up until this point, and a much larger investment in time in the future to support the project.

If the project sees support, I will be working on simplifying the glue between the UI and the native layer which will result in better stability, higher performance, and hopefully upgradability/maintainability of the native layer.

For reference, the free and donation versions of aSPICE's sister projects bVNC and aRDP:


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