Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to connect to Mac OS X using bVNC

This guide is for configuring Mac OS X for usage with bVNC Secure/Free bVNC Secure, but is completely applicable to any VNC client. Only the VNC client configuration would be different.

Ensure you have v3.5.0 of bVNC or newer for this method to work.

Please keep in mind that this method of connecting does not involve encryption and only protects your username and password with a Diffie-Hellman key exchange. There is no session privacy thereafter. To solve both of these problems bVNC Secure supports tunneling your VNC connection over SSH for enterprise-level security of both your authentication credentials and data. If you are concerned with security and privacy, follow my guide for Mac OS X on tunneling VNC over SSH with bVNC. Mac OS X supports tunnelling over SSH out of the box.

bVNC Secure is an Android and Blackberry Playbook/OS 10 application, available on Google Play and App World respectively. Find it on your mobile device or here:

Google Play, for devices running Android 2.2 and up, or here:

App World for BB Playbook and OS 10 devices.

0) Set up Remote Desktop on your Mac:
- Open System Preferences
- Click on Sharing
- Select the Screen Sharing checkbox (put a check-mark)
- Click on "Computer Settings..."

- Make sure the screen looks like the screen-shot above
- Click OK

1) Configure bVNC:
- Start bVNC
- Ensure "Connection Type" is set to Basic VNC
- Optionally name the connection something in Title
- Type the IP or host name of the computer you set up the first step
- Type the User name and Password of the Mac user you would like to connect with
- You may need to check "Local mouse pointer" in Advanced Settings, to see where the mouse pointer is
- Tap "Connect", and you should be in.


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  2. I tried this on Blackberry playbook (to connect to both a Mac & a PC) and after I click connect, it attempts to connect for a while then it says "Error!" Connection failed! Connection timed out" "Acknowledged"

    Blackberry playbook version

    1. Please see my reply below. I realized that you may not see my reply unless I directly reply to your message so you get an email notification.

  3. This is most likely due to a networking issue. First ensure your Playook and Mac are connected to the same wireless network. Then, make sure there is no firewall blocking port 5900 on the Mac. I don't own a Mac, but on older ones i've tried it has worked. Perhaps something changed in recent versions. What version of Mac OS X do you have?

  4. hi, i have problems connecting to my mac, i get error that "Server did not offer supported security type" .. any guess?

    1. sounds like you are trying to use AnonTLS or VeNCrypt security modes instead of Plain VNC. On Mac OS X you can only tunnel over SSH for security. please see my other guide for instructions.

    2. no, i wasn't using anontls, neither vencrypt.. i was trying basic VNC and secure vnc over SSH, either of the two ended with that error :/ when i use program Mocha VNC, it works, so problem is not with Mac OS X..

    3. Hi, a user pointed out that under Computer settings, you have to select "VNC viewers may control the screen with a password", and type in a password. Then, bVNC will work fine.

  5. Using a custom version of Jelly Bean on an old Asus TF101, I got great results connecting w/ my Mini Mac that runs Leopard OSX. I use it mostly as my music center (the mac that is), and your vnc works great. Oh, the server on the mac is Chicken of the VNC (a fairly old version).

  6. pretty cool, working on rooted kindle fire hd

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the app, it’s a great app!

    I am just wondering whether i can see the mouse pointer live on my Android?

    Many thanks,

    1. I have tried to move the mouse pointer in my Mac and it doesn’t reflect in my Android (Boox Max Carta).
      I have tried both tick & untick Local mouse pointer but it didn’t work.